Time-travel through Japan’s fabulous cities / 7 nights

Japan will absolutely blow your mind. It’s a country of mash-ups, where staunch ancient traditions collide head on with ultra-futuristic modernity. This journey takes you to the world’s most contemporary capital – Tokyo, where you’ll both acclimatize and overload on Japanese hospitality and culture, while getting to know every aspect of what makes this city such an amazing place to live. You’ll spend time in the various neighborhoods, getting to know each of its disctinct characters. For a night on the town, you’ll venture on an evening out with a private guide to enjoy a selection of over 200 LGBT establishments in Shinjuku’s Ni-Chome gayborhood, sing your heart out to karaoke and learn how to get around the (loosely) imposed no-dancing laws.

You’ll be sad to leave Tokyo behind, but a short train ride to charming Hakone offers unbelievable views of Mount Fuji and an opportunity for you to catch your breath. Here, you’ll stay overnight at a traditional Japanese inn, or Ryokan.

Back on track (literally), a Shinkansen bullet-train will transport you to majestic Kyoto where you’ll revel in the delights of this ancient city and its traditions; serene temples and luxurious palaces. You’ll spot a Geisha or two, visit an old speakeasy and learn about Japanese whiskey. You’ll get a taste for sake, and find out how it pairs well with delicious Kyoto home-cooking. Lovebirds can even get married in a traditional ceremony at the old Shinkoin temple, where the priest there has defied all conventions to perform same-gender, spiritual blessings. You’ll come away from this journey inspired and enthralled, but mostly rested – after all, it was the Japanese who invented the concept of Zen.

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