Discover the beautiful ‘land of the gauchos’ / 14 nights

Satisfy both your inner sophisticate and cowboy by being part of an unforgettable journey that bridges the gap between the Latin American countryside and the city.

The capital, Buenos Aires, known as the Paris of South America, is our starting point, a place where the streets are adorned with cafés and restaurants. Various cultures of recent European immigrants fuse together with that of its founding fathers to create a unique, cosmopolitan atmosphere with plenty to discover. From the modern port of Madero to the chic district of Recoleta, the city is full of cultural experiences that will delight the most delicate of palates.     

Next you’ll fly to Puerto Iguazú to commence your journey of discovery to explore the lesser-known Argentina, first taking in its majestic falls, then traveling through landscapes filled with adventure as you ride with the gauchos. The gaucho is a skilled horseman originating from the South American pampas, well known for his bravery and as well as rogue nature.

Visit the Devil’s Throat and fly over by helicopter to see from a bird’s eye view one of the widest waterfalls in the world.  Your South American dude ranch experience kicks off in the famed Misiones province, the home of the Guaraní people. Explore the fauna and flora of a private wildlife reserve in the semi-tropical forests almost entirely surrounded by the Upper Iguazú River. Then you’ll mount up to gallop off to the Estancia Santa Cecilia, a cattle ranch that lies in the southern rolling hills. No matter what riding expertise you have, rest assured that your gaucho expert will guide you through this trailblazing endeavour.

Depending on your time of visit, you can then choose to continue down to the country’s majestic ice-capped South to check out the majestic glacial landscapes. Argentina is an extremely versatile destination, perfect for that ultimately tailor-made escape.

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